Pdt. Roslina Gulo STh
Preacher and Chairman of the congregation
Melkhiur Daeli
Financial affairs chairman & Assembly
Taati Hia
Witness Services  & Assembly
Agus SN Maruhawa
Organizations Development Services  & Assembly
Fa'ahakho dodo M
Chairman of the Development committee
Yetero Waruwu
Chairman of Diakonia Commision & Assembly
Noverius Gulo
Deputy Secretary of the Assembly
Martinus Hia
Vice Chairman of the Assembly
Igati Hia
Chairman of the Commission of Women & Children's Services & Assembly
Nisehati Marunduri
Agustinus Daeli
Secretary of the Assembly
Fangalulu Marunduri
Treasurer Assembly
Adventinus Maruhawa
The Commission's Men & Assembly
Efata gulo
Dewi Marselina Gulo
Ade  C. Marundruri
Foundation Sector & Institute Services - Assembly
Domestic Sector Services & Assembly