There are difficulties for any individual or group when they’re not part of the majority.  That’s also true for the growth and development of the church, it is certain there will be problems to overcome.  The purpose of this website is to follow the commands of Jesus Christ, and be a place where you can support our efforts to reach lost souls.

We are people who came from the Nias Islands to live in the capital city of Jakarta, where we enjoy our everyday lives, but remain loyal and active in ministry to the Lord.  We are very aware that this is the time for the harvest of souls, and we believe God uses many people to make it happen.  We will never give up in our efforts, and will continue to work to reach those who have the passion and desire for church services.

As the church exists now, we have had to rent a classroom at the Christian University of Indonesia.  However, we feel very strongly that the room is not adequate to allow us to reach all of the many souls in need of our worship services.  We believe that it is a great thing that the Lord has entrusted us to expand His Empire to all.

Our congregation has been experiencing rapid growth, and the average attendance has reached 150 to 200 people every week.  But the room we rent has a capacity of only 40 people, so this is inadequate and our worship services have become overcrowded.  We hope to change this, and the Program Development Committee is accepting help from donors.  We strongly believe your support will help us to find land and a building that can support our growing congregation, and carry out a variety of service work programs that aim solely for the glory of God.

We are aware that a simple proposal such as this might not inspire you to give financial support to the Development Committee, but by faith we believe the Holy Spirit of God that stirs your heart will inspire you to support us.