The gospel in Nias present since September 27, 1865 by Mr. L. Denninger that dutus by Kongsi Barmen Mission Rheinische Gesellschaft (RMG) of God's saving grace, calling and dropping masarakat Nias from darkness to the light of Christ's love according the biblical witness

That the will of the Holy Spirit believers in Jesus Christ "Aekhula" Nias this part of the West, founded the Church Orahua Niha Keriso PROTESTANT (ONKP) on April 16, 1952, centered in Tugala Lahömi west island of Nias, which comes from BNKP and superbly announced officially in synods BNKP May 31 - June 3, 1952 in Gunung Sitoli declared that the Church ONKP be a religious institution and approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia, on February 26, 1953, No. J.A 05/19/12 and registered with the Office of Religious Departement Republic of Indonesia, Dirjen Protestant Guidance No. 76 Year 1991 on March 4, 1991

ONKP sent compelled to testify, fellowship and serving as God's fellow worker in Christ's great mission, in the midst of the world. By the church ONKP is an integral part of the Church Am, Holy and Apostolic in the middle of the world, so that in its activities have participated in the Communion of Churches in Indonesia, North Sumatra / Aceh since the date of March 1, 1983 and the Communion of Churches in Indonesia (PGI) from the date of 22 April 1988.